Wolf Vostell

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Born October 14, 1932(1932-10-14)
Leverkusen, Prussia, German Reich (now Germany)
Died April 3, 1998(1998-04-03) (aged 65)
Berlin, Germany
Collections Walker 37, Macba 26, Mumok 22, MoMA 19, Reina Sofia 10, Pompidou 8, NRW 7, Stedelijk 6, ZKM 5, NGA Canberra 5, Whitney 1, Artic 1

Wolf Vostell (1932–1998) was a German painter and sculptor, an early video and installation artist, and pioneer of Happening and Fluxus.


  • Dé​-​coll​/​age Musik, 1972; Soave, 2017. Audio recording.
  • Il giardino delle delizie, Multhipla Records, 1984. A musical Fluxus performance by Wolf Vostell, sopranos Esperanza Abad, Nancy Bellow, Marie-Louise Gilles, Helga Hamm-Albrecht, Else Nabu, cante jondo singer Paco Corales, and the Capella St. Martini, Bremen-Lesum under the direction of Günter Koller. [1]


  • editor, Dé-Coll/age: Bulletin aktueller Ideen, 7 numbers, Frankfurt: Typos, 1962-69. [2] [3] (German)
  • Berlin and Phenomena, trans. Laura P. Williams, Great Bear Pamphlets, New York: Something Else Press, 1966, 16 pp; UbuClassics, 2004, PDF.
  • Miss Vietnam, San Francisco: Nova Broadcast Press, 1969, 37 pp.
  • editor, with Dick Higgins, Fantastic Architecture, New York: Something Else Press, 1971.