Zdeno Hlinka

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Born 1975. Visual engineer (AKA Zden). His works include demos, digital video, net.art, and web design. In 1999 founded openformat visual/code collective Satori. Co-organized demo parties Demobit. Created and curates online gallery message.sk. Organized online net.art competition web4096. Since 2003 develops own visual performance software Circulation. Lives in Bratislava.

Oliver Rehák, Dušan Barok: Zden. Interview. In: 3/4 revue 15. http://34.sk/text.php?text=3-49 (Slovak)
Dušan Barok: Zdeno Hlinka. IRC interview (includes overview of artworks). In: Koridor.sk, February 2001. http://dusan.satori.sk/txt/zden.php (Slovak)

See also: Digital art in Slovakia (1990s-2000s)