dean in Sollfrank, Francke & Weinmayr 2013

They published the PDF, and as authors they put over a hundred different
author names, so there was not just one author who could be taken into

[15:22] We have in the collection this book, it’s Teignmouth Electron by
Tacita Dean. This is the original, it’s published by Book Works and Steidl.
And to this round table, to this event, we invited also Jane Rolo, director of
Book Works (and she published this book). [15:41] And we invited her saying,
do you know that your book h

xts and theory into
Spanish, which are not available in Spanish. So it’s about access, it’s about
circulation. [16:07] But actually he redesigned the book. The pirated version
looks very different, and it has a small film roll here, from Tacita Dean’s
book. And it was really amazing that Jane Rolo flipped the pirated book and
she said, well, actually this is really very nice.

[16:31] This is kind of a standard academic publishing format, it’s Gilles
Deleuze’s Proust and Signs, and t


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