Arthur Veen

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Born 1949, Utrecht, NL. Studied computer and information science at the University of Pennsylvania, PA (M.S. 1973) and computer science at the Technical University Eindhoven (Ph.D. 1985). 1968 founding member of Compos 68. 1969–1991 engaged in computer graphics and movies. 1970–1988 teaching appointments in computer science at various universities in the Netherlands, UK, USA, and in Nicaragua. 1977/1978 project leader at the University Hospital, Leiden, NL. 1978–1984 scientist at the Center for Mathematics and Information Science, Amsterdam. 1988–1992 founder and managing director of the firm Parallel Computing, Amsterdam. 1992–1996 technical director and 1999–2001 managing director of European IT projects. Since 2001 professional actor in movies, TV series, TV commercials, and management courses. He lives in Amsterdam. source