Baruch Gottlieb

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Baruch Gottlieb, trained as a filmmaker at Concordia University Montreal, has a doctorate in digital aesthetics from the University of Arts Berlin. From 2005-2008 he was professor of Media Art at Yonsei University Graduate School for Communication and Arts in Seoul, Korea. He is active member of the Telekommunisten, Arts & Economic Group and laboratoire de déberlinisation artist collectives. Author of Gratitude for Technology (Atropos, 2009), A Political Economy of the Smallest Things (Atropos, 2016), and Digital Materialism (Emerald, 2018).

He is curator of the touring exhibition series Flusser & the Arts based on the philosophical writings of Vilém Flusser, which has been presented at ZKM, Karlsruhe, AdK Berlin, West den Haag and GAMU Prague, and Feedback: Marshall McLuhan and the Arts which has been presented at West den Haag and 34th Chaos Communication Congress, Leipzig, and is travelling to Berlin, Paris, and Toronto. He writes extensively on digital media, digital archiving, generative and interactive processes, digital media for public space and on social and political aspects of networked media. He is currently lecturer in digital aesthetics at the University of Arts Berlin and Technical University Cottbus and artistic researcher at West Den Haag. (2019)