Biljana Tomić

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Born 1940 in Novo Selo, Serbia. Studied art history (1960–1965, grad.), aesthetics, and contemporary art (1965–1968, grad.) at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. 1969/1970 studied under Giulio Carlo Argan at the La Sapienza University in Rome. 1968–1973 curator of 212 Gallery, art manifestations, BITEF theater festival, Belgrade. 1971/1972 curator of the Studentski kulturni centar (SKC), Belgrade. 1976–1999 director of the visual arts program of the Galerija SKC, Belgrade. She lives in Belgrade.

Exhibitions organized by Tomić:

  • 1968, PERMANENT ART, BITEF, Belgrade.
  • 1969, Permanent Manifestations, BITEF, Belgrade.
  • 1970, Movement – Light, BITEF, Belgrade.


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