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Clare Birchall is Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Culture at the King's College London. Before arriving at King's in 2012, she taught Cultural and Media Studies at the University of Kent (from 2008) and Middlesex University. After a degree in English Literature at Exeter University, she studied for her MA in Critical Theory and DPhil in Culture and Communication at Sussex University.

Birchall is the author of Knowledge Goes Pop: From Conspiracy Theory to Gossip (Berg, 2006) and co-editor of New Cultural Studies: Adventures in Theory (Edinburgh UP, 2007). She has also edited special issues of the journals Theory, Culture and Society (Dec 2011) and Cultural Studies (Jan 2007). Her most recent research is concerned with the relationship between secrecy and transparency in the digital age and has given talks and keynote lectures in the UK, the EU and the US on this subject. Birchall is part of an ESRC-funded series of research seminars on privacy issues entitled DATA - PSST! Debating and Assessing Transparency Arrangements - Privacy, Security, Surveillance, Trust.

Birchall is also involved with a number of digital projects. She is one of the editors for the online journal Culture Machine, an editorial board member and series co-editor for the Open Humanities Press, and part of the team behind the JISC-funded Living Books about Life series. These books, produced by an international network of humanities and social science scholars, repackage and re-present open access science-related research on topics such as air, bioethics, surveillance and, Birchall’s own contribution, invisibility. She also collaboratively produces a series of online videos entitled Liquid Theory TV.