Gary Hall, Clare Birchall (eds.): New Cultural Studies: Adventures in Theory (2006)

1 July 2009, dusan

New Cultural Studies is both an introductory reference work and an original study which explores new directions and territories for cultural studies. A new generation has begun to emerge from the shadow of the Birmingham School. It is a generation whose whole education has been shaped by theory, and who frequently turn to it as a means to think through some of the issues and current problems in contemporary culture and cultural studies.

In a period when departments which were once hotbeds of “high theory” are returning to more sociological and social science oriented modes of research, and 9/11 and the war in Iraq especially have helped create a sense of “post-theoretical” political urgency which leaves little time for the “elitist,” “Eurocentric,” “textual” concerns of “Theory,” theoretical approaches to the study of culture have, for many of this generation, never seemed so important or so vital.

New cultural studies follows such thinkers and theorists, as Agamben, Deleuze, Derrida, Kittler, Laclau, and Zizek as they influence anti-capitalism, ethics, the post-humanities, post-Marxism, and new media technologies.”

Publisher Edinburgh University Press, 2006
ISBN 0748622098, 9780748622092
324 pages

Keywords and phrases
cultural studies, post-Marxism, posthumanities, Marxism, Stuart Hall, Lawrence Grossberg, biopolitical, Friedrich Kittler, tactical media, Paul Bowman, Angela McRobbie, Alain Badiou, anti-capitalism, deconstruction, Raymond Williams, Gilles Deleuze, Michael Hardt, Homo Sacer, Media Theory, neo-liberal


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