Journal of Aesthetics & Culture, 4: From Sign to Signal (2012)

24 August 2016, dusan

“Since the 1990s there has been intensified focus on the concepts of performativity, the relational, and affect in the humanities. Scholars from different fields have in a variety of ways embraced these notions in their accounts of contemporary culture, and as such they also form the backdrop of this thematic collection of articles entitled From Sign to Signal. It seems, however, as if today’s media situation–the globally evident usage of media technologies–requires a new theoretical approach in order to deal with the intersections of technology and aesthetics, since in these cases the sign often falls short. It has therefore been the ambition of this collection to invite scholars within the humanities to take part in a discussion on the implications of a gradual shift from a (linguistically framed) paradigm of the sign to a new paradigm connected with media augmented environments.

As the term for this new paradigm we have chosen the ‘signaletic material’, coined by Gilles Deleuze in his book Cinema 2: The Time-Image. Deleuze developed this notion in order to stress that film in his view of contemporary or modern cinema had altogether eliminated classical (literary) thoughts of plot and narration. Toward the end of Cinema 2 it becomes clear that the notion of the ‘signaletic material’ might be developed to cover all kinds of filmic and electronic material as well as the emerging new media technologies.” (from the Foreword)

Edited by Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen, John Sundholm and Ulla Angkjær Jørgensen
Publisher Co-Action Publishing, Järfälla, Sweden, 2012
Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 License
eISSN 2000-4214
134 pages

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Václav Janoščík (ed.): Objekt (2015) [Czech]

28 May 2016, dusan

“The book presents some of the key texts associated with speculative realism and new materialism. As such it is the first translation of these currents into Czech.”

With texts by Václav Janoščík, Timothy Morton, Steven Shaviro, Graham Harman, Levi Bryant, Nick Srnicek, Sean Cubitt, Jussi Parikka, Lev Manovich, Kateřina Cepáková, Constant Dullaart, Dita Malečková, and Jiří Maha.

Translated by Václav Janoščík and Zdeněk Havlíček
Publisher Kvalitář, Prague, 2015
Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License
ISBN 9788026086390
215 pages
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Media-N 11(1): The Aesthetics of Erasure (2015)

16 May 2015, dusan

Against the backdrop of a longstanding practice of erasure both in artistic and critical work, authors in this issue explore the aesthetics of erasure in the digital era, investigating new meanings and the relevance of erasure within contexts of digital production, preservation, and sharing.

With texts and visual essays by Joshua Craze; Seth Ellis; Kaja Marczewska; Justin Berry; David Gyscek; Derek Beaulieu; Amaranth Borsuk, Jesper Juul, and Nick Montfort; Torsa Ghosal; William Basinski; Ella Klik and Diana Kamin; and Matthew Schilleman.

Guest editors: Paul Benzon and Sarah Sweeney
Publisher New Media Caucus, May 2015
Open Access
ISSN 1942-017X

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Leonardo Electronic Almanac 20 (1): Red Art: New Utopias in Data Capitalism (2014)

14 May 2014, dusan

The publication investigates the relevance of socialist utopianism to the current dispositions of New Media Art, through the contributions of academic researchers, critical theorists, curators and artists.

Contributors: Boris Cuckovic, Dan Schiller and Shinjoung Yeo, Boris Magrini, Matteo Pasquinelli, Ruth Pages and Gemma San Cornelio, Taus Makhacheva, David Garcia, Valentina Montero Pena and Pedro Donoso, Cornelia Sollfrank, Rahel Puffert and Michel Chevalier, Daphne Dragona, Natalie Bookchin, Karin Hansson, Christina Vatsella, Adam Brown, Elske Rosenfeld, Jose Luis de Vicente, Lanfranco Aceti.

Senior Editors: Lanfranco Aceti, Susanne Jaschko and Julian Stallabrass
Editor: Bill Balaskas
Publisher Leonardo/ISAST, San Francisco, January 2014
ISSN 1071-4391
ISBN 190689728X, 978-1906897284
250 pages
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Stewart Brand: The Media Lab: Inventing the Future at MIT (1987)

25 March 2014, dusan

A magical mystery tour through the world of MIT’s Media Laboratory, then headed by Nicholas Negroponte and in its third year of existence. Chapter 11 develops the dictum “information wants to be free.”

Publisher Viking, New York, 1987
ISBN 0670814423
285 pages

Review (Visual Resources, 1989)
Review (AI Magazine, Lee S. Brownston, 1990)

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