Václav Janoščík (ed.): Objekt (2015) [Czech]

28 May 2016, dusan

“The book presents some of the key texts associated with speculative realism and new materialism. As such it is the first translation of these currents into Czech.”

With texts by Václav Janoščík, Timothy Morton, Steven Shaviro, Graham Harman, Levi Bryant, Nick Srnicek, Sean Cubitt, Jussi Parikka, Lev Manovich, Kateřina Cepáková, Constant Dullaart, Dita Malečková, and Jiří Maha.

Translated by Václav Janoščík and Zdeněk Havlíček
Publisher Kvalitář, Prague, 2015
Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License
ISBN 9788026086390
215 pages
via editor

Review: Peter Megyeši, (cont.) (Profil, 2017, SK).


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