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Since 1996 the Berlin-based convex tv. collective worked on different media territories, their interfaces, conditions and cross-overs. convex tv. combined radio-broadcasts on air and on line with activities on site, thus folding the spheres of mediatic and actual presence, of process and product. convex tv. was regularly streaming live audio on the internet. Coorganised Net.Radio Days in 1998 and 1999. Between 1997-2001 it was based in the "test bed", a space in an empty former light bulb factory in Berlin-Mitte.

Convex tv was a media art and authors' collective with members from the fields of art, art dealership, journalism, (media) architecture, psychology. Members: Micz Flor, Florian Clauß, Stefan Schreck, Martin Conrads, Ulrich Gutmair, Silvan Linden, Benjamin Beck, Chris Flor, Heike Föll, Anja Heilmann, Tanja Lay, Kito Nedo, Stephanie Wurster, Micz Flor, Lia Heilmann, Dennis The Robot, Kathrin Röggla, Stefan Schreck, Dana Sohrmann, Luc Sohrmann, Vera Tollmann.