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Micz Flor (1969, Unna) is a media developer, writer and project manager based in Berlin. 1990-97 studied Psychology in Darmstadt, Manchester, and Berlin. 1995 founded the art and culture mediation association luxus cont. Ex-member of Convex tv. Produced the political online magazine fluter for the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung. Worked as a developer and training consultant at the Center for Advanced Media in Prague, where he initialised Campware, a software system for online publishing. Flor has an active interest in how radio can be used to network communities, and has produced two documentaries on this topic: Scattered Frequencies: Radio Networking in Nepal [2002] and Reaching Everyone [2001] about an independent radio network in Indonesia. Flor has worked on cultural events and symposia all around Europe, including the Hybrid WorkSpace, a collaboration between documenta x and the Berlin Biennial, in Kassel in 1997 and the sound and radio exhibition One Bit Louder in Video Positive 2000 in Liverpool. (2002)