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Jump to navigation Jump to search - people doing strange things with electricity. presentations are meant to be fun, friendly, informal chats. they're short, just 20-30 minutes, including questions. the standard "artist talk" format (my life history in slides + narration) does not work very well at what does work well is a casual talk about something you're currently interested in. pretend you're at a dinner party and someone has just asked you, "so what are you working on?" we encourage people to ask questions during the presentations, rather than always waiting until the end. is a meeting of artists (sound/image/movement/whatever), designers, engineers, students, scientists, and other interested parties who are involved in the creative use of electricity. meetings are free and open to the public. many other dorkbots have sprung up around the world.

Part of Dorkbot network. Since 2004 in Lucerne, Zürich, Winterthur, Basel, Geneva, Bern.