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Initiatives: Brand-New-Life magazine for art criticism, (*2000), Xcult.

Festivals: Shift (*2007).
Past Festivals: Viper (1982-2006; located in Lucerne up to 1999).
Events: dorkbotswiss (*2005).

Spaces: ADW11 collectively organised studio house (Auf dem Wolf 11, *2023) distro, House of Electronic Arts (*2011), InfoSpace exhibition program and library (*2023), Stretcher exhibition project (*2023), Der Tank.
Past spaces: (2000-10).

Media: ArtCast podcast.

Art workers: Georg Tholen, Lucie Kolb, Philipp Messner, Ute Holl, Yvonne Volkart.

alternative base

Amsterdam, Bergen, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Kyiv, London, New York City, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Rotterdam, Seoul, Tokyo, Vienna, Warsaw, Zagreb