Hong Kong

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Spaces: Asia Art Archive, Book B art bookshop & cafe (*2015), Dim Sum Labs hackerspace, Kubrick art bookshop & cafe (*2001), Para Site art centre (*1996), Speculative Place experimental and independent project space.

Initiatives: Archive of the People, Contemporary Musiking (*2007), Display Distribute, Lausan collective, The Library by soundpocket, soundpocket (*2009), Videotage, Zine Coop zine culture artist collective (*2017).

Festivals: Microwave (*1996), Sound Forms: A Festival of Multichannel Sound (*2018).
Past festivals: Around Sound Art Festival (2009-2015).
Past events: Speed Show 2.0 (2013).

Art workers: Audrey Samson, Daniel Howe, Fannie Ng, Ming Lin, Winnie Soon.


alternative base

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