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Incorporated in 1994 in Tallin, E-Media Centre focuses on research, instruction and the promotion of digital culture and art in Estonia. E-Media Centre consists of a modernly equipped computer classroom and an attached space for video and multimedia production. In addition to computing technology, video and audio equipment is available. The centre is open for students for the acquirement of information and multimedia skills as well as realization of study projects.

EU-accredited Master's programme in interactive multimedia (IMM) has been available since the 2000/2001 academic year. The two-year MA programme in IMM is organized in modules to offer broad theoretical and practical skills in digital media.

Besides teaching, the E-Media Centre organizes international workshops, conferences and festivals. Roughly every two years E-Media Centre has co-organised with the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Estonia an international festival Interstanding (1995, 1997, 1999, 2001), which stimulates discussion and exchange of new ideas through panel sessions, workshops, and exhibits. Centre regularly hosts smaller events: special workshops, courses and symposiums in the field of digital arts. In 2004, Centre was one of the co-hosting organizations with m-Cult (Helsinki) and CRAC (Stockholm) of ISEA2004 (International Symposium of Electronic Art).

Staff: Dagmar Kase (head), Andrew McKenzie, Allan Tõnissoo.