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Series of international art/media conferences and exhibitions held biannually in Tallin four times from 1995 to 2001. Initiated by artist Ando Keskküla together with art historian Sirje Helme. They have co-operated with Eric Kluitenberg from Holland and since 2001 with Estonian artist Mare Tralla who studied in London.

INTERSTANDING1: Interstanding - Understanding Interactivity. 23-25 November 1995. International Interdisciplinary Conference on Computer Mediated Communication and Interactivity. The conference tried to create a coherent perspective on the social, cultural and economic implications of an emerging global infrastructure for computer-mediated communication and the interactive multi-media industry. The conference aimed to put these developments in perspective for the Baltic and neighboring countries. Organised by the Soros Centre for Contemporary Arts, Estonia and the E-Media Centre of the Tallinn Art University in cooperation with SCAN, an interdisciplinary expertise centre for new media in Groningen. The conference took place in the National Library of Tallinn. Speakers included Geert Lovink, Eric Kluitenberg, Heath Bunting, Richard Barbrook, Alexei Shulgin, Kathryn Turnipseed, Volker Grassmück, Marleen Stikker, Erkki Huhtamo. [1]

INTERSTANDING2: 7-19 October 1997. The focus of the events shifted towards the possible strategies and opportunities for the arts in the 'expanded field' of electronic media and the world-wide interconnected computer networks. Interstanding 2 addressed the possibilities and threats for free personal and cultural expression in the emerging information society. Organised by the Soros Centre for Contemporary Arts Estonia, in co-operation with the Estonian Academy of Arts and various international partners in Tallinn and Tartu. Curated by Ando Keskküla. Conference: Eric Kluitenberg. Co-curator: Sirje Helme. [2]

INTERSTANDING 3: BEYOND THE EDGE - Escaping from Marginality. 23 November - 13 December 1999. Program consisted of exhibition, screenings and performances, conference, workshops, special events. Organised by the Centre for Contemporary Arts Estonia, in co-operation with the Estonian Academy of Arts and various partners, will organise a series of international art and media events in Tallinn. Editorial team: Sirje Helme, Ando Keskküla, Eric Kluitenberg (Amsterdam), Stephen Kovats (Dessau / New York). [3]

INTERSTANDING 4: end repeat. 1-3 November 2001 in Rotermann Salt Storage, Tallinn. Curators: Ando Keskküla, Mare Tralla. [4]

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