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Fibreculture is a mailing list founded in 2001. about critical and speculative interventions in the debate and discussions concerning information technology, the policy that concerns it, the new media for(u)ms it supports and its sustainable deployment towards a more equitable Australia. fibreculture is a forum for the exchange of articles, ideas and arguments on Australian IT policy in a broad, cultural context. It is concerned with the philosophy and politics of new media arts, information and creative industries, national strategies for innovation, research and development, education, and media and culture.

Fibreculture Facilitators are: Hugh Brown (Brisbane), Axel Bruns (Brisbane), Katie Cavanagh (Adelaide), Chris Chesher (Sydney), Gillian Fuller (Sydney), Lisa Gye (Melbourne), Geert Lovink (Amsterdam), Esther Milne (Melbourne), Adrian Miles (Melbourne), Anna Munster (Sydney), Andrew Murphy (Editor - Fibreculture Journal), Ingrid Richardson (Perth), Ned Rossiter (Ireland), David Teh (Sydney).

Fibreculture Journal is published since 2003.