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Gallery 21 (1994–2001), founded by Irina Aktuganova in 1994, was located in the space #21 on Pushkinskaya 10 in St. Petersburg from where it received its name. From 1994 to 1997, the gallery operated as a unique experimental exhibition venue that worked with current art and the art of new technologies. Over the years of its existence, Gallery 21 ran over 300 events along with participation in some major Russian and international projects. Its subsidiary projects include Techno-Art Center (1994), Cyber-Femin-Club (1994), GEZ-21 (1999), Art-Buffet (2002), and Philosophical Café (2002). The main block of documents related to the activities of Gallery 21 contain a vast selection of photo and video records documenting events run by the gallery beginning from the mid-1990s. A separate section is composed of archival materials documenting particular projects, including business correspondence and internal documentation. The funds also include a narrow selection of booklets, catalogues, and periodicals. (Source)