Irina Aktuganova

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Irina Aktuganova (1963, Novosibirsk) is an art historian, cultural promoter, museum designer, founder and director at Gallery 21 (St. Petersburg, 1994–2001) and Cyber-Femin-Club (together with Alla Mitrofanova; St. Petersburg, 1994–2007). Together with Sergey Busov and Nikolay Sudnik, in 1999, she established GEZ-21 gallery (St. Petersburg). Aktuganova is also a curator in the field of technology art, art&science, and science museum design. She curated projects developed by St. Petersburg-based artists working with technologies for exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, USA, and Finland. Aktuganova read the lecture course Curatorship at Science Museums and Centers of Science Popularization at ITMO University (St. Petersburg,2018 - 2021). Chief coordinator of the Museum Descent competition initiated by Vladimir Potanin Charity Foundation (2015 - 2021). She lives and works in St. Petersburg. (2021)