Heidi Grundmann

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Born 1938 in Innsbruck. Lives in Vienna. Cultural reporter, art and theatre critic, editor and program producer at the ORF (Austrian National Radio/TV) since the 1970s. In 1987 she created the radio program KUNSTRADIO-RADIOKUNST (original artworks for radio). KUNSTRADIO is a 55-minute program broadcast weekly on Ö1, the cultural channel of the ORF. Since the beginning of 1995 KUNSTRADIO has its own artist run homepage, which is the site of many art projects and live webcasts.

Was involved in many telematic art projects and organized and curated several international symposia and exhibitions, related to art practice in the electronic media - especially radio, TV and the internet. She lectures and writes on art and new media and was the editor of several publications. She is currently curating several new projects and developing methods to document radio art projects of the 1990s.

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