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Heidi Grundmann (18 July 1938, Innsbruck) is a radio journalist, art and theatre critic, editor and program producer at the ORF (Austrian National Radio/TV) since the 1970s. As a cultural editor and art critic at Ö1, she was involved in the development and realization of numerous innovative radio art projects. In 1987, she launched the weekly program Kunstradio-Radiokunst [Kunstradio - Radio Art] on ORF Kulturkanal Österreich 1, which to this day produces and broadcasts radio works by international artists.

She was involved in many telematic art projects and organised and curated several international symposia and exhibitions, related to art practice in the electronic media - especially radio, TV and the internet. She lectures and writes on art and new media and was the editor of several publications. She lives in Vienna.


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