How to be Everywhere

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How to be Everywhere
Author Warren Craghead III
Language English
Publisher self-published (15€)
City Charlottesville, VA
Year 2007
Pages 90
Format 15.2 cm x 23 cm
Fabrication Digital printing
E-book PDF (19 mb)

How to be Everywhere draws its inspiration from Apollinaire's Calligrames: a literary work that emphasized a playful use of typography and layout as meaningful signifiers in their own right (they would prefigure the more fully experimentations of concrete poetry and poema processo in the 1950s). How to be Everywhere is a highly abstract narrative work that formally explores the interstices between comics and poetry through its elliptical, fragmented and object-oriented storytelling. Evincing all the formal elements that conventionally account for comics making such as panels, speech balloons, characters, genre tropes and other medial modes of address, Craghead's compositions claim - both graphically and in their storytelling structure - a narrative space where text and images are just substructures of the same language.