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Author Rosaire Appel
Language French
Publisher Adverse (17€)
City Paris
Date 2017
Pages 80
Format 15 cm x 23 cm
Fabrication Glued perfect bound
ISBN 979-10-95922-14-8
E-book PDF (101 mb)

Rosaire Appel’s work has been introduced into Europe through the group exhibition Abstrakte Comics (Bremen, 2015, alongside Florian Huet, Pascal Matthey, Jérôme Puigros-Puigener, etc.). Appel is an North American digital artist exploring with determination and openness the infinite possibilities of text / image and image / image relationships; she creates experimental comics, graphic scores, digital collages, photographs and asemic writing (concrete poetry where words and letters deflect linguistic signification and become suggestive graphic sign). Appel is particularly interested in the regimes of gradual expansion and pollination, sensitive to the intimacy and duration of the reading experience rather than the fleeting gaze of the spectator, she favors the book over the exhibition and explores through her work the flexible boundaries between abstraction and figuration in dozens of artists' books published in micro-series or in print on demand. Among these, Intersections works on cartographic material, topographical surveys, diagrammatic iconography and a disparity of pictograms as so many elements which, linked in the great conceptual broth of the book factory, arouse the potential of a self-generated comics narrative. The text balloons become frames, the characters turn to pictograms, a background element is suddenly part of a foregrounding action, while the pseudo-scientific surveys and weapon motifs codify the world presented here through its crypto-militarist articulations. (from publisher)