Isidora Ilić

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Born 1978. Interdisciplinary and experimental artist with focus on film/video and performance art. She studied Comparative literature and Literary theory at the University of Belgrade, Women and gender studies at Belgrade Women's Studies Center and she finished the Film School of AFC in Belgrade.

Experimental films of her participated and were awarded on international and domestic festivals; her videos have been shown at solo and group exhibitions/screenings. She is author of interdisciplinary projects, performances, installations, essays and texts published in journals. She was artist in residence at fringeMK (England, 2009); Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen (Austria, 2009); Westbury Farm Studios (England, 2007); Braziers International Artist Workshop (England, 2007).

Her artistic work in recent years has been done in collaboration with Bosko Prostran and under name of artistic duo Doplgenger.