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Lurk.256.png flyer, 2018.

LURK hosts, facilitates and archives discussions around net- and computational culture and politics, proto- and post-free culture practices, (experimental) (sound) (new media) (software) art, and things like that…

LURK is run by volunteers and wishes to give the opportunity for individuals, groups and collectives working on net- and computational culture to have a presence outside of corporate silos, surveillance capitalism and closed facebook groups; offer a place where discussions and resources on self-hosting and alternative network infrastructures can exist outside of libertarian and pepe discourses; and provide ourselves with something high-quality to procrastinate with, share good memes and eat pop-corn, etc. (2022)

Admins past and present: Aymeric Mansoux, Roel Roscam Abbing, Alex McLean, Lídia Pereira.

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