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For federated networks, distributed web, mesh networks and federated social media

Mastodon instances[edit]


  • Akkoma, microblogging server software (ActivityPub). Fork of Pleroma.
  • Beaker, experimental peer-to-peer Web browser (Hypercore), *2016.
  • Bookwyrm logo.png Bookwyrm, federated platform for reading and reviewing (Activitypub), *2021. Instances
  • Castopod logo.png Castopod, podcast self-hosting with Fediverse interaction.
  • Conversations, open source XMPP/Jabber client for Android, *2014.
  • Delta Chat, chat app that sends messages via e-mails, encrypted if possible, with Autocrypt
  • Diaspora, self-hosted social networking service (diaspora), *2010.
  • Distributed Press, open source publishing tool for the World Wide Web and DWeb; automates publishing and hosting content to the WWW that it seeds to Hypercore and IPFS, *2021.
  • dokieli, clientside editor for decentralised article publishing, annotations and social interactions (Solid, Linked Data, ActivityPub), *2015. Paper. #semanticweb #linkeddata
  • Epicyon, federated social network suitable for low power systems.
  • Friendica, decentralized social network, formerly Mistpark (diaspora, OStatus, pump.io, ActivityPub), *2010.
  • Funkwhale logo.svg Funkwhale, decentralised audio platform (ActivityPub), *2019.
  • Gathio, self-destructing, shareable, no-registration event pages (ActivityPub), *2019. Toot.
  • Hubzilla, communication platform, formerly RedMatrix (Zot, ActivityPub, diaspora, OStatus), *2015. Review.
  • IPFS, protocol and p2p network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system, *2015.
  • Misskey, decentralized microblogging service (ActivityPub), *2014.
  • Mobilizon, tool for finding, creating and organizing events, *2018.
  • Piefed logo.png PieFed, federated discussion and link aggregation platform, Lemmy clone. Instance.
  • Pleroma, social networking software (ActivityPub), *2019. See also Akkoma.
  • Scuttlebutt, decentralised secure gossip platform (gossip protocol), *2018. [10]
  • Socialhome, federated personal profile with social networking functionality (ActivityPub, diaspora), *2016.
  • WriteFreely, open source platform for building a writing space on the web (ActivityPub).
  • YaCy, distributed search engine, *2016.

Protocols: ActivityPub (W3C recommendation, *2018), Solid (*2016), Hypercore (formerly Dat Protocol), Zot (evolved from DFRN, *2015), Matrix (*2014), Pump.io (evolved from OStatus, *2011), Diaspora (*2010), OStatus (formerly OpenMicroBlogging, *2008), XMPP (formerly Jabber, *1999).

More projects and context: Fediverse.party, Wikipedia.

Note: Matrix, Solid, IPFS, Hypercore and YaCy have a distributed architecture, but may not be part of the Fediverse in the strict sense because they are not compatible with any of its integral protocols such as ActivityPub, Zot, Diaspora, and OStatus, although a server running ActivityPub could theoretically be bridged to, for example, Matrix and vice versa. cf.

Resources, art projects[edit]


  • Relearn, "A Feminist Net/work How-to", in Portable Relearn Archive, July 2014. Material from the 2014 edition of Relearn, held at Variable, a collectively run F/LOSS Arts Lab in Brussels.
  • Compost, eds. Mai Sutton et al., March 2021 ff. Magazine about the digital commons.

See also VIDEO recordings and websites of events.


Portland, OR[edit]


  • Federated Social Web Europe, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Berlin, 3-5 Jun 2011. Open event on Social Web interoperability, standards and privacy. Supported and co-organised by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and by the EU FP7 PrimeLife project. The local organization was done under the label “d-cent” and by the independent institute PerGlobal.
  • Radical Networks conference, Spektrum, Berlin, 19-21 Oct 2018. Organised by Sarah Grant and Erica Kermani. Fourth edition.


Bay Area[edit]

  • GETDecentralized! (GET-D), The Red Victorian, 1665 Haight St, San Francisco, 31 Mar-2 Apr 2015. "An evening of conversation, celebration and community-building around new ideas in decentralization." Organised by Joachim Lohkamp. Attended by about fifty participants, incl. Brewster Kahle from the Internet Archive. VIDEO [25] [26]

Rotterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam[edit]

  • Public Spaces, conference, Amsterdam, 17-18 May 2022. Organised by a coalition of public organizations in the Netherlands that aims to promote a healthier online environment. Mastodon. Castopod (podcasts). VIDEO

Los Angeles[edit]

New York and East Coast[edit]

  • Radical Networks, conference, Integrated Digital Media at Magnet NYU, Brooklyn, NY, 24-25 Oct 2015. Organised by Sarah Grant, Erica Kermani, and Amelia Marzec, in partnership with Eyebeam. Radical Networks, conference, Chem Creative, Brooklyn, NY, 4-6 Nov 2016. Organised by Sarah Grant, Erica Kermani, and Amelia Marzec, in partnership with Eyebeam. Exhibition photographs. Radical Networks, conference, Chem Creative, Brooklyn, NY, 19-22 Oct 2017. Organised by Sarah Grant and Erica Kermani. Radical Networks conference, Prime Produce, New York, 18-20 Oct 2019. VIDEO

Linz, Graz[edit]




online (only)[edit]

  • Dat Conference 2020, online, 30-31 Jul 2020. Virtual peer to peer event about local-first tech and meetup space for those interested in the decentralized web.
  • DecentSocial 2023, online, 11 Feb 2023. An unconference for the builders of the decentralized social web. Toots.



  • THX, Ozaraine, Basque country, 10-20 Jul 2022.