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intellectual property, copyright, copyleft, public domain, open access, creative commons, free culture, licensing, digital rights management (DRM), digital rights, culture flat-rate, software patents, Pirate Party, ACTA, SOPA, PROTECT IP Act, etc.

Activists, initiatives, events[edit]



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File sharing, FLOSS, Data activism, Internet activism, Commons, Digital libraries, Privacy, Open design

movements and cultures

3D printing, Art servers, Circuit bending, Copyright activism, Cypherpunk, Data activism, Demoscene, Digital libraries, DIY biology, File sharing, FLOSS, Game art, Hacker culture, Hackerspaces, Hacktivism, Internet activism, Internet of things, Libre graphics, Live coding, Maker culture, Media archives, Media labs, Net art, Neural aesthetics, Open hardware, Software art, VJing, VVVV.
See also Artists' cultures.