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m-cult.net is a online information and communication resource for new media culture launched in 2002. Its aim is to promote the co-operation of communities, organisations and individual actors of the field and to provide practical tools and interesting content to create an easy to use entity which you can use to navigate the vast field of digital culture.

m-cult.net contains databases of actors, projects and events of new media culture, as well as news, discussions and streams filtered from the Finnish, Nordic and international scenes. Content, metadata and platforms for m-cult.net are co-developed with international partners.

m-cult.net is published by m-cult, centre for new media culture.

Concept and production in 2002 by m-cult.net team: Aleksi Aaltonen, Susanna Koskinen, Tapio Mäkelä, Tiina Porthan, Mika Raunio, Minna Tarkka, Rasmus Vuori.