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Medialab Madrid started in 2002 as an initiative of the Conde Duque Cultural Centre (director Juan Carrete) and the Arts Council of the City Council of Madrid. Based in Madrid.

MediaLabMadrid is conceived as an exhibition space and laboratory open to the production, research, training and broadcast of art and science related to the Information Technologies and Telecommunications.

MediaLabMadrid organises shows, festivals, workshops and seminars. By means of these activities it brings together creators and researchers from different fields with the aim of generating dialogues and productive interactions between diverse concepts, outlooks and practices. This provides a critical, exploratory platform that endeavours to articulate a heterogeneous cultural environment where art, science and humanities converge.

Direction: Karin Ohlenschläger, Luis Rico.
Executive production: Miguel Sanz, Todo Fluye.
Coordination: Sonia Díez Thale, Francisca Blanco.
Educational Program: Marcos García, Laura Fernández.