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In front of the international exhibition of posters Zenit, 1925.
Born November 16, 1895(1895-11-16)
Sošice near Jastrebarsko, Austria-Hungary
Died June 14, 1971(1971-06-14) (aged 75)
Kačarevo, near Pančevo, Yugoslavia

Ljubomir Micić (1895–1971) was a poet, writer, critic, actor and founder of the avant-garde movement Zenitism and its magazine Zenit.

He studied philosophy at Zagreb University. In Zagreb, he founded the review Zenit, set up a Zenit Gallery and published his own writings as well as books by other authors under the Zenit imprint. The first artist to collaborate with Micić and to contribute to Zenit's original orientation towards Expressionism was Vilko Gecan. Micić's Zenitism was supported only by a small number of the youngest Yugoslav artists, who joined and left after varying period of collaboration. Mihailo S. Petrov did linocuts of an expressionistic-abstract structure, wrote poems and published translations on abstract art for Zenit. From 1922-1925, Jo Klek's (Josip Seissel) drawings, aquarelles and collages were the best representatives of Zenitist art. Micić's important mission was collecting and exhibiting avant-garde art in Zenit editorial offices in Zagreb and Belgrade, and the organisation of Zenit international exhibition of new art in Belgrade 1924.

After closing down Zenit, he moved to Paris, where he lived for ten years (1927-36). His work was almost forgotten after World War II. After his death in Belgrade (June 1971), a rich collection of precious art (now in the National Museum, Belgrade; his literary legacy is in the National Library of Serbia, Belgrade) and a meticulous documentation of his publishing activities were found in his apartment, thus stimulating fresh research into the history and aesthetics of Zenitism.


  • Ritmi mojih slutnja, 1919.
  • Ritmi bez sjaja, 1919.
  • Istočni greh. Misterij za bezbožne ljude čiste savesti, Belgrade: Zenit, 1920, 29 pp. (Serbo-Croatian)
  • Spas duše, 1920.
  • with Ivan Goll and Boško Tokin, Manifest zenitizma, Zagreb: Zenit (Biblioteka Zenit 1), 1921, 15 pp. (Serbo-Croatian)
  • Kola za spasavanje, Zenitistička barbarogenika u 30 činova, Belgrade and Zagreb: Zenit, 1922. (Serbo-Croatian)
  • Stotinu vam bogova, 1922. Banned the same year, published again as Kola za spasavanje, which was banned as well.
  • Aeroplan bez motora, 1925.
  • Antievropa, Belgrade: Zenit, 1926. (Serbo-Croatian)
  • Hardi! A la Barbarie. Paroles zénitistes d'un barbare européen, 1928. (French)
  • Zéniton, L'Amant de Fata Morgana, 1930. (French)
  • Les Chevaliers de Montparnasse, 1932. (French)
  • Etre ou ne pas être i Après Saraïevo – Expédition punitive, 1933. (French)
  • Rien sans Amour, 1935. (French)
  • Barbarogénie le Décivilisateur, 1938. (French)


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