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In May 2006 the Mobile Mausoleums travel as a nomadic multimedia platform from Bratislava over Prague to Berlin, and then to Brussels. It will temporarily re-colonize the random spaces inbetween these cities. After opening in Bratislava, this production laboratory for young artists, performers and cultural programmers continues its adventurous journey across western and westernized Europe.



The caravan module of the Mobile Mausoleums is like a "no man's land", that breaks away from a too familiar urban context. The Mobile Mausoleums function as an experimental field in which structures that do not yet exist yet can be implemented and evaluated for a short period of time, before it becomes independent and autonomous and starts to lead its own life within society.

This internationally networked pilot project is a mobile, autonomous laboratory for artists and cultural producers. In a subsequent programme, they will be invited to recreate and explore new methods for reconversion.

The take over of the real has started. Finally the 21st century has arrived, and it is wandering and winding, leaving a trace of contradiction and confusion that alters the perception of normal life as it is now ever after.


Temporary mobile networks


- art production, not only as commodity production, but also as a means of visualizing and discussing complex mechanisms of subjectivities