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MyCreativity: Convention on International Creative Industries Research was held on 16-18 November, 2006 at PostCS 11 in Amsterdam. Organised by Institute of Network Cultures, HvA Interactive Media, and Centre for Media Research, University of Ulster. Concept: Geert Lovink & Ned Rossiter.

A Convention on International Creative Industries research. MyCreativity is a two-day conference that intends to bring the trends and tendencies around the Creative Industries into critical question. It seeks to address the local, intra-regional and trans-national variations that constitute international creative industries as an uneven field of actors, interests and conditions. The conference explores a range of key topics that, in the majority of cases, remain invisible to both academic research and policy-making in the creative industries.

Overall, the conference adopts a comparative focus in order to illuminate the variability of international creative industries. Such an approach enables new questions to be asked about the mutually constitutive tensions between the forces, practices, histories and policies that define creative production, distribution and organisation within an era of information economies and network cultures.
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