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1st international Pd~Convention was organised by ESC, Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics UMDA Graz, Kunstlabor and mur.at in Graz on September/October 2004.

After Reni Hofmueller of ESC has been to a visit in Barcelona, where she met some Pd users, she and Michael Pinter of reMI expressed the idea of organizing a Pd developer meeting in Graz. After some discussion with the other people of the "Stammtisch", it was clear that the meeting should be held as a bigger convention, not only focussing on the development, but also on arts and on the community itself.

Core Team: Reni Hofmueller, Michael Pinter, Franz Xaver, Winfried Ritsch, IOhannes m zmölnig, Peter Plessas.

Later issues: Pure Data Convention.