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Author Rosaire Appel
Language French
Publisher Adverse (10€)
City Paris
Year 2019
Pages 40
Format 19 cm x 25 cm
ISBN 979-10-95922-30-8
E-book PDF (69 mb)

A versatile American artist coming from the field of poetry, Rosaire Appel has been engaged since the 1980s in pioneering work in computer-assisted image making. Appel has a steady presence in New York galleries where she developed a significant production of publications and artists' books, from graphic scores to visual poetry, including experimental comics. Perturbations is her second book published by Adverse (after Intersections in 2017). In the present publication, Rosaire Appel radicalizes her research in comics, flirting more than ever with the limits of abstraction. On the basis of ghostly and fragmented architectural and topographical plans, she articulates her “asemic writing” (concrete poetry) and its entanglements of convoluted spaces in a visual explosion destabilizing all the accepted reading habits, definitively endorsing the comic strip as the ideal art with rhizomatic developments. (from publisher)