Petar Milojević

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Born 1936 in Kosovo. Studied electrical engineering at the University of Belgrade. 1960 emigration to Canada. 1963/1964 first courses in computing. 1965 joined the computer center at McGill University, Montreal, where he was chief operator. From 1965 used computers for experimental artistic graphics. He moved to Ottawa in 1969 to join Information Science Industry (ISI). 1970 consultant for the Ministry of Urban Affairs of the Federal Government. He lives in Toronto, CA.

  • 1967, Computer Art and Animation, Stable Gallery, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
  • 1968, Cybernetic Serendipity, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.
  • 1969, Expozice Experimentalni Hudby, Konkrétní hudba. Fónická poezie, Studio Českého rozhlasu, Brno.
  • “Some Thoughts on the Art/Computer Relationship,” in: The Magazine of the Institute of Contemporary Arts, 6, September 1968, pp. 16–19.
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