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The Standuino team: Václav Peloušek, Ondřej Merta
Collaboration: Stanislav Filip

4AM / Gallery of Architecture served as an exhibition venue and media laboratory where the local DIY scene will be presented through the original student platform Standuino, which has been inspired by the works of the musician and FaVU lecturer Stanislav Filip and the phenomenon of kludging. In the exhibition, Václav Peloušek and Ondřej Merta present a remake of Stanislav Filip’s installation User Interface (Uživatelský interface), lead a DIY workshop where participants can create their own sound / video synthesizers and together with Stanislav Filip, conduct a workshop focused on blasting off transistors and other electronic components and the physicality of these occurrences. Their presentation will also encompass interventions in public space, launch of a pirate television broadcast or a device emitting Standuino datasheets into universe through photon pulses with a wave length of 650 nanometres.

“We will construct and introduce prototypes of devices that will allow an analytical observation of their digital and electronic principles in the modernistic sense of the word, such as the relation between the carrier (electronics) and the essence (digitality) or the analysis of gestures of an artist-kludger . Standa Filip has been helping us actualize this vision. He is a remarkable personality in our country because he studied physics and has experience with constructing music instruments. Therefore he is able to understand the nature of electronics and at the same time, think about it within an artistic context.”(Václav Peloušek, Ondřej Merta)


  • collaboration with Andrej Boleslavský (CIANT, CZ) - Andrej plans to use Standuino in his artwork for Designblok, Prague 2011
  • collaboration with PTE-MK Institute for Media and Applied Arts, Pécs, HU - students from Pécs participated in Standuino workshop, Brno, August 2011)
  • collaboration with STEIM (NL) - Standuino team participated in Patterns + Pleasure Festival, Amsterdam, September 2011

Video: Standa Filip plays Prkno guitar with his drum machine

Part of the Remake exhibition.