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I : * ttter
Artists: Zuzana Husárová, Ľubomír Panák

I : * ttter is a multimedia artistic project using a Kinect 3D sensor. This interactive installation utilises the “remake principle” in two ways: a textual level – interacting with leading works of international Net.Art and a sonic level – in relation to the fundamentals of the theremin.

Thanks to the sensors, we can – thanks to hand’s movement – easily browse, erase or mix dialogues that resemble (online) communication of persons/machines. The text on the projection screen is remixed from selected textual fragments of European Net.Art (My Boyfriend Came Back From the War by Olia Lialina, This Morning and IBM by Alexei Shulgin, zkp3.21 by Vuk Cosic, 100cc and g33con by the art collective JODI, Irational by Heath Bunting, City by Markéta Baňková, four. Values by Perfokarta, Falling Times by Michal Bielický, Koniec swiata wg Emeryka by Radoslaw Nowakowski and AE by Robert Szczerbowski). Through a virtual aerial, we will also control the oscillator pitch and thanks to the possibility to activate a drawing mode, we can “enter” the individual pieces with our own drawings.

Technické požiadavky:
počítač, projektor

Part of the Remake exhibition.