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Rolando Vázquez is Associate Professor of Sociology at University College Roosevelt and Cluster Chair at the University College Utrecht, both at the University of Utrecht. He is the author of Vistas of Modernity: Decolonial aesthesis and the End of the Contemporary (2020). Together with Walter Mignolo he founded and co-directs since 2010 the annual Middelburg Decolonial Summer School now located at the Van Abbemuseum. He co-authored the report of the Diversity Commission for the University of Amsterdam in 2016 under the direction of Gloria Wekker. Through his work, he seeks to decolonize cultural and educational institutions beyond the dominant frameworks of contemporaneity, heteronormativity and coloniality. His research on the question of precedence and relational temporalities seeks to overcome the western critique of modernity and contribute to the ongoing efforts to decolonize knowledge, aesthetics and subjectivity. (2021)



Journal issues[edit]

Papers, essays, statements[edit]

  • "Questioning Presence: The Survival of the Past in Walter Benjamin and Hannah Arendt", Concordia 57, 2010, pp 57-74. [2]
  • "Decolonial Practices of Learning", in Going Glocal in Higher Education. The theory, teaching and measurement of global citizenship, eds. J. Friedman, et al., Middelburg: UCR, 2015, pp 92-100.
  • "El reto de decolonizar Europa", in BE.BOP 2012-2014: El cuerpo en el continente de la conciencia negra, ed. Alanna Lockward, Buenos Aires: Del Signo, 2016. (Spanish)

Conversations, interviews[edit]