Rosa Menkman

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Rosa Menkman is a Dutch visualist who focuses on visual artifacts created by accidents in digital media. The visuals she makes are the result of glitches, compressions, feedback and other forms of noise. Although many people perceive these accidents as negative experiences, Rosa emphasizes their positive consequences.

By combining both her practical as well as an academic background, she merges her abstract pieces within a grand theory artifacts (a glitch studies), in which she strives for new forms of conceptual synthesis (synesthesia) of the two.

Shown her work at festivals like Blip (Europe and US), Haip (Ljubljana 08), Cimatics (Brussels 08/09), Video Vortex (Amsterdam '08 + Brussels '09) and Pasofest (Ankara 08) and collaborated on art projects together with Alexander Galloway, little-scale,, Goto80 and the internet art collective In 2009 finished master thesis (on digital glitch) under the supervision of Geert Lovink, and started a PhD at the KHM Cologne (on the subject of Artifacts).