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Born Trenčín, Slovakia
Lives in Brno, Czech Republic


Born 1981 in Trenčín, Slovakia. Graduated in Culture studies from the Faculty of Philosophy of Comenius University in Bratislava (MA), and in Public Art and Cultural Management from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Technology in Brno (PhD).

Barbora is a member of Atrakt Art and 4AM Forum for Architecture and Media collectives. She is also an editor of 3/4 magazine (since 2004) and Atrakt Art label.

Before moving to Brno in 2006 Barbora used to work at A4 - Zero Space from its inception in 2004. She was involved in running the Summer Open Academy (Bratislava) and Urban Re/Creation/Citylab (Bratislava) projects and was a co-organiser of Next festival of advanced music (Bratislava), and the coordinator of Multiplace new media culture festival held internationally. She also organised a number of workshops, including Urban reset (Bratislava/Brno), Living Vandalism (Brno), and Cool Place, a series of short participatory documentaries made by young people about the places that create their living space. Between 2009-12, she worked at The Brno House of Arts (off-program dramaturgy, production, fundraising, event management), and co-organised and co-curated Remake / REthinking Media Art in K(C)ollaborative Environments, an international art project aimed in creation and presentation of new works inspired by the history of media arts (2010-12). For the project she edited a catalogue and a special issue of 3/4 magazine on media art history, "Remake". Since September 2012 she works on freelance basis.

Barbora is a co-founder of 4AM Forum for Architecture and Media association (2010) which ran the Gallery of Architecture in Brno (2011-2012). Since February 2013 the association was based in an old railway building in the southern city of Brno (Rosická 1) [1], and in October 2014 it started a new culture space with café in the centre of Brno, PRAHA/forum for architecture and media (2014-2019).

Barbora is also a co-curator of the Asking Architecture, the winning project for the exposition in the Czech and Slovak Pavilion at 13th International Architecture Exhibition of la Bienale di Venezia 2012, in cooperation with curator and architect Ján Pernecký.

In March 2013, Barbora co-curated the Hi5! exhibition in cooperation with Croatian artist and curator Slaven Tolj in The Brno House of Arts. The exhibiton mapped out the current work and ideas of students in Fine Arts study programs in Czech arts schools (photographs by Jiří Hloušek).

The Exposition of New Music 2013, 2014, 2015 festival on-site production, technical assistance, coordination and co-dramaturgy [2].

PR and co-production of Folk Architecture Monument - Tomas Dzadon's art project of three traditional log houses placed on the roof of a prefabricated housing block in Košice city in Slovakia. (Opening ceremony September 2013) [3]

Barbora cooperates with Jana Horáková and Theory of Interactive Media department, Masaryk University (Brno), e.g. Media – Performance – Memory. 3rd Czech – German symposium (2011) [4], Remake seminar (2012) [5] or the TIM_LAB seminar. The course provides an environment for an active exploration of the current trends within the realm of media art and its historical context. The objective is to create public archives of period material and a database of information about locally important events and personalities whose importance transgresses the borders of the region (Autumn 2013 [6] / Spring 2014 [7])

Barbora is also a member of JACK JACK, no input style noise band, the submissive DJs duo Jack Jackson5, and the improvisational theatre group Lahor/Soundsystem

  • - assistant professor and doctoral studies coordinator at Faculty of Fine Arts Brno - Department of Art History and Theory (from March 2021) [8]
  • - Vasulka Kitchen Brno - representative member and archive project coordinator (from 2020) [9]
  • - 2016-2017 - co-dramaturgy and organization of Showcase festival Itch My Ha Ha Ha, Brno [11]
  • - 2014,2015 - co-organizing and curating THE OSKAR ČEPAN'S AWARD (The Young Visual Artists Award in Slovakia) in cooperation with Tomáš Džadoň & Boris Meluš [13]- [14]
  • - 2014, 2015 - member of change management team at TABAČKA Kulturfabrik (Košice, Slovakia) [15]
Selected texts / publications
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  • Editing and Articles in 3/4 magazine since 2004
  • babuta♥