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TRANS(E)MISSION is a Partnership Program for Digital Media within the cultures of the Czech Republic and Norway, supported through the EEA program.

TeM will start long-term circulation of art pieces, players and know how between Norway and Czech Republic, especially in the field of digital, interactive, and technologically oriented art. New media of digital age (installation of interactive art, computer generated sounds and imagery, trans-disciplinary forms of artistic expression etc.) is indeed one of the currently underrated source of cultural movement, as it accumulate increasing amount of creative power in both countries, yet it stays culturally diversified and individualized in each of them.

Therefore, as another aim, TeM will transform the substructures of towns into points of artistic sensory contact and an extraordinary urban hub of artistic creation,

TeM will contribute to articulation of digital shift in audience development (of Norway and Czech) by setting up-to-date, contemporary theoretical symposiums dedicated to bursting and expanding influence of digital technologies on artistic creation and generally on civic society conditions.

TeM will also contribute to strengthening and activating the web of audio-visual players over Norway and Czech, to introduce newcomers to the area and to provoke creation of new works, co-operations and professional collaborations.

Participating Institutions in 2016: CIANT International Centre for Art and New Technologies Prague, TEKS Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre

Participating Artists in 2016: Ivor Diosi, Espen Gangvik, Petr Svárovský (Silver)