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Founded in the autumn of 1994 by The «Free Culture» Society at Gallery 21, St Petersburg on the initiative of Irina Aktuganova and Alla Mitrofanova. Director – Sergey Busov (since 1999).

Realizes cultural and educational programmes connected with new informational and media technologies, engages in studying, developing and propagandizing electronic art. Multimedia and internet presentations of artistic, social, scientific and commercial projects are held, CD-roms, video and audio works are created, seminars, festivals and exhibitions are organized, projects in the field of information and communication are realized. Cyber-Femin-Club – an organization uniting women who work in the field of new media technologies (curator – I. Aktuganova) – works at Techno-Art-Centre. Since May, 1999 in the premises of the Techno-Art-Centre the project of experimental concert music «The Gallery of Experimental Sound» («GEZ-21″; director – S. Busov) is realized.

Multimedia works presenting contemporary St Petersburg art:

  • Web art projects created at Techno-Art-Centre’s workshops and placed on TAC’s server: Dreli Kuda Popalo, A. Medvedev’s Museum of Animals, S. Guseva’s Didiliya, S. Nosova’s Twins, A. Varsopko’s Game and Etapologia, Ye. Ivanova’s Mad Drawings. 1998 – 99;
  • Techno-Art-Centre’s Internet resource with an English-language Web navigator to St Petersburg cultural resources. 2000;
  • CD-Rom «From Neo-Academism to Cyberfeminism: the St Petersburg Actual Art on the Border of the Millenniums». 2000;
  • The Programme of St Petersburg electronic art at The Art-Media-Fest 2000, at The «Manezh» Central Exhibition Hall;
  • TAC’s Web resource as a part of Baltic Network. 2001;
  • CD-Rom «The Contemporary St Petersburg Photography» (in collaboration with The «PHOTOimage» Gallery).

Participation in international projects: the electronic presentation of St Petersburg actual art at the Festival «Helsinki 2000 – the Cultural Capital of Europe». March, 2000; Art-Media-Fest-2000. The «Manezh» Central Exhibition Hall; Techno-Art-Centre at Baltic Interface Network. 2001.

From September, 2002 TAC changed its cultural policy and starts realizing the new cultural project GEZ-21.