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Next 5 Minutes was an international festival and conference for tactical media organised by a diverse ad-hoc coalition of media institutions and practitioners in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Four editions were organised between 1993 and 2003. Event revolved around the notion of tactical media, the fusion of art, politics and media. Event venues included De Balie, Paradiso, Waag Society, and V2.

N5M4 was produced by De Balie together with De Melkweg, Paradiso, Waag Society, ImagineIC, Montevideo/TBA and Salto. Amsterdam editorial team: David García, Eric Kluitenberg, Paul Keller, Menno Grootveld, Noortje Marres.


Date Name Themes Sites Documentation
8-10 January 1993 N5M1 Amsterdam Zapbook, TMF
18-21 January 1996 N5M2 Tactical Media Amsterdam, Rotterdam Archived website, Archived website, TMF
12-14 March 1999 N5M3 The Art of Campaigning, Tactical Education, PGO, The Technical Amsterdam, Rotterdam Archived website, Archived website, Workbook, Program brochure, TMF
11-14 September 2003 N5M4 The Reappearing of the Public, Deep Local (Growing Roots for the Global Village), The Tactics of Appropriation, The Tactical and the Technical Amsterdam Archived website, Archived website, Archived website (2), Reader, Program brochure, TMF


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