Tjebbe van Tijen

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Born 1944 in The Hague. Studied sculpture in Den Bosch, Milano and London. Various happenings and expanded cinema projects in London and cities in the Netherlands 1965-1968. Founded and curated the Documentation Center of Social Movements at the University Library of Amsterdam, 1973-1998 (now at the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam). In the seventies and eighties he designed exhibitions in Vienna, Milano, Copenhagen, Dortmund and Hamburg about ecology, urban conflicts and alternative culture. Interactive installations dramatizing historical subjects since mid eighties: Imaginary Museum of Revolution with Jeffrey Shaw (1988-1989), Orbis Pictus Revised with Miloš Vojtěchovský (1994-1996) and Neo-Shamanism with Fred Gales (1997-1998), Digital Papua with Fred Gales (2003) shown in Paris, Linz, Karlsruhe, Amsterdam, Prague and Tokyo. Current research projects and lectures on ‘literary psycho-geography’, aerial bombing, mapping human violence, visual language, media history and education systems. Frequent guest lectures and tutorials at art academies, media centers and universities. Regular publications in the forementioned fields. Van Tijen, working under the name of Imaginary Museum Projects, lives and works in Amsterdam and Hong Kong.