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Translab was a BURUNDI collaborative research project mapping the possibilities emerging from technological culture (hardware, software), trends in science (genetic engineering, artifical intelligence, biotechnologies), and in the distribution of information (internet, interface, digital photography, video).

The project focused on new media phenomena such as simulation, copy & paste, open source, interface, algorithm, glitch and social software, which it contrasted with episodes from the history of arts and humanities. Episodes featured various artworks, theories and events. They were presented through micro-stories, visual documents accompanied by a story.

There were six Translab evenings prepared by Dušan Barok in collaboration Mária Rišková, Magdaléna Kobzová and many others. Hosted by A4 - Zero Space in Bratislava, they were held between October 2004 and February 2005. Invited guests presented lectures and performances. In their dramaturgy, the evenings served as experiments with the institutions of moderator, guest and audience, maneuvering between the formats of stand-up comedy, symposium and participatory game. After each event, the collected micro-stories and presentation documents were published on the project website.

Guests included artist duo Aschenblond (Barbora Šedivá), artist Guy van Belle, musician Róbert Bittner, film critic Daniela Chlapíková, librarian Andrej Chudý, artist Mária Čorejová, librarian Michal Čudrnák, visual artist Michaela Danková, DJ Amn2, philosopher Ondrej Gajdoš, art historian Daniel Grúň, bioscientist Ľubica Lacinová, philosopher Róbert Maco, architect Lubo Nosko, sociologist Peter Michalík, and music historian Oliver Rehák.