Trous gris

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Trous gris
Author Michel Vachey
Language French
Publisher Adverse (10€)
City Paris
Year 2017
Pages 40
Format 14.5 cm x 20 cm
ISBN 979-10-95922-09-4
E-book PDF (40 mb)

Best known for his work as a writer, poet and essayist, Michel Vachey is no less engaged in a number of stimulating plastic research which unfortunately remained largely confidential. Anchored in particular in an assiduous practice of redaction, cutting and collage, Michel Vachey has thus carved out a furrow as rich as it is secret, with an influence as diffuse as it is decisive. Trous gris is made up of two unpublished series of drawings (collages, stamps, painting, perforation, etc.) dating from 1978 and which should be brought together and finally presented, in that they constitute a remarkable formal approach to serialization, around motifs suspended in balance on the thin thread separating abstraction from figuration. (from publisher)