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{{Media art and culture}}
{{Media art and culture}}

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Servus, http://servus.at, Linz, since 1996
virtual and physical access for artists and cultural producers
Staff: Uschi Reiter, Didi Kressnig, Peter Wagenhuber
Funded by Bundeskanzleramt Kunst, Kulturland Oberosterreich, Stadt Linz, Speed Web

mur.at - initiative netzkultur, http://mur.at, Graz

lo-res.org, http://lo-res.org/, since Apr 1998

Subnet, http://www.subnet.at/

(Public) Netbase, 1994 - 2006, http://t0.or.at

Silver Server, http://sil.at, Vienna
Now commercial services only

Sonance.artistic.network, http://enter.sonance.net/vhosts.html. Vienna


Okno, okno.all2all.org, Brussels
Hosts: okno.be, so-on.be, lahaag.org

Czech Republic

node9.org, independent media storage and streaming server, http://node9.org
Services: web hosting, streaming, audio and video archive
Hosts: lemurie.cz, visions.cz, culturetransfer.org, 33-3.org, michalrataj.com, srnka.cz, lostpostservice.net, skupina.net, auvid.net, oknea.net, obmea.net, jlbjlt.net, and others
Admin: Michal Klodner


closed down

Internet hosting for activists, artists, individuals and small businesses supporting our idea.


Xs4all, xs4all.nl, Amsterdam

Desk.org, desk.org, *1995


Virose, *1997


Sanchez, http://multiplace.org/wiki/doku.php?id=server, Bratislava, *2008
Admin: gnd

Smecnet, http://smecnet.itchybit.org, Bratislava
Hosts: itchybit.org, indymedia slovakia

ChangeNet, http://www.changenet.sk/?cat=236669, Bratislava
hosting for NGO websites, 100 SKK/month (as of 12/2006)

Skosi, http://www.skosi.org/index.php?qwiki_page=skosi:activities:sk
for NGOs, software developers, open source projects

Xena, xena.media7.sk, Bratislava
Hosts: buryzone.sk, buryzone.info, citylab.sk, c2c.cz, scart.cz, idealnypartner.sk, and others
Hosted until 2008: multiplace.sk, burundi.sk
Admin: Martin Baranec

2600, ns.2600.sk
Hosts: kyberia.sk

Kyblik, http://kyblik.pieskovisko.sk, Bratislava, until 2008
Hosts: 34.sk, atrakt-art.sk, nextfestival.sk, a4.sk
Admin: Frankie

Ephex, ephex.factory.sk - went down in 2003(?), most domains transferred to Xena, Bratislava
Hosted: koridor.sk and many others
Admin: Wired (not a magazine with same name:)


Ljudmila, http://ljudmila.org, *1994, Ljubljana

United Kingdom

Openmute, http://www.openmute.org, London
Hosts: metamute.org and many others

Bitnik, http://www.bitnik.org/en/#on

United States

The Thing, *1995, New York City

RiseUp, Seattle, http://www.riseup.net/


Art and Culture

Avant-garde and modernist magazines, Artists' publishing, Graphic design, Photography, Typewriter art, Multimedia environments, Design research, Video activism, Urban practices, Zine culture, Demoscene, VJing, Live cinema, Art and technology centres, Cyberfeminism, Community television, Hacktivism, Art servers, Hackerspaces, CD-ROM art, Circuit bending, Pure Data, Media archives, VVVV, Maker culture, Glitch art, Live coding, Locative media, Libre graphics, Electromagnetism, Surf clubs, DIY biology, Post-digital, Neural aesthetics.
See also Art styles and movements.