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'''Festivals''': [[Cairo Video Festival]] (*2005).
'''Festivals''': [[Cairo Video Festival]] (*2005).
'''Art workers''': [[Heba Amin]], [[Heba Farid]], [[Louly Seif]], [[Maha Maamoun]].
'''Art workers''': [[Heba Amin]], [[Heba Farid]], [[Louly Seif]], [[Maha Maamoun]], [https://www.instagram.com/mounirnancy/ Nancy Mounir].

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Initiatives: Contemporary Image Collective (*2004), Medrar for Contemporary Art.

Festivals: Cairo Video Festival (*2005).

Art workers: Heba Amin, Heba Farid, Louly Seif, Maha Maamoun, Nancy Mounir.

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