Esther Ferrer

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Esther Ferrer (San Sebastián, 1937) is a pioneer and one of the foremost representatives of performance art in Spain. She began participating in the activities of the Zaj group — with Walter Marchetti, Ramon Barce and Juan Hidalgo — in 1967. From that point on, she brought action art to the fore in her artistic practice, although from 1970 she did return to visual art by way of reworked photographs, installations, pictures based on the series of prime numbers or Pi, objects, and so on. These pieces most notably include the series Autorretratos [Self-Portraits], in progress since 1981, Números primos [Prime Numbers], carried out with different spatial-temporary formats, and Juguetes educativos [Educational Toys], from the 1980s, her work adhering to the Minimal and Conceptual Art initiated in the 1960s, with Stéphane Mallarmé, Georges Perec, John Cage and Fluxus the points of reference, along with aspects of feminism from the time.