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'''Events''': [[CyberLublin]].
'''Initiatives''': [[Atomy Bity]] (*2010).
'''Spaces''': [[Medialab Lublin]].
'''Past festivals''': [[Mindware]] (2011), [http://www.kont.umcs.lublin.pl/videokont.htm Videokont] new media art festival (1992-2006) [http://www.kont.umcs.lublin.pl/videokont005_00.html].<br>
'''Events''': [[CyberLublin]].<br>
'''Past events''' [http://labkit.pl/medialab-lublin/ Medialab Lublin] (2011).
'''Spaces''': [[Galeria Labirynt]].<br>
'''Past spaces''': [http://www.kont.umcs.lublin.pl Galeria Kont] (-2010).

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Initiatives: Atomy Bity (*2010).

Past festivals: Mindware (2011), Videokont new media art festival (1992-2006) [1].
Events: CyberLublin.
Past events Medialab Lublin (2011).

Spaces: Galeria Labirynt.
Past spaces: Galeria Kont (-2010).

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